Datura Style 101

February 9, 2020

Alegria Studio - 1117 B Avenue, Columbia, SC 

Get tickets: https://www.alegriabellydance.com/mini-workshops 

This is a three hour workshop designed to introduce dancers to the Datura Style format created by Rachel Brice. We will spend the first hour working through fundamentals of the format to include a warm up, foot, arm, and leg positioning, and hip study. The second hour we discuss some Datura Style movements, scales, and introductory combos and how they can be combined with ATS combos. In the third hour we can discuss formation and use our combos that we learned in those formations.
Recommended audience: any level certified 8 Elements students or participants, DS teachers, ATS belly dancers, those with beginner belly dance experience, belly dance teachers.
If there is time we can introduce finger cymbals to the combos. If there are particular combos that you’d like to review we can throw them in.

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