We would like to thank all who participated in the First ever Black Bellydance Bundle!  Your support means the world to us.  The podcasts below are still active to read and listen.  

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How To Be A Better Ally

"Thank you for your wonderful lessons..I love looking forward to your workouts with my favorite and fabulous Bellydance instructor.  Thank you for being an incentive for me to move." - ML

"There is good energy in that environment."  - MC

​"Innovative, creative choreographies that keep the veteran dancer engaged. Approachable, upbeat teacher who will empower students of all experience levels to do those choreographies." - DS

​"I like how organized classes are, the location is great, times of classes are convenient." - Anonymous

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Studio: Carolina Dance Capital - 12210 Copper Way, Charlotte, NC

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Lotus Belly Dance

Learn to Belly dance today!

Lotus Dance Studio is dedicated to increasing the understanding and visibility of belly dance in the Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding communities.

  • We embrace and model positive aspects of belly dance
  • We collaborate with other local dance instructors
  • We promote a unified force in our community
  • We ensure an amazing experience for our students

Lotus Belly Dance is an official Datura Dance School!  Visit our schedule page for class details and see you in class!