Beginner Level
This class will give you the basic fundamentals you need, and we're going to put them together for you in a fun beginner choreography!  This class runs in a 4 week session and we learn a new part of the choreography each week.  By the end of the session you will have an entire choreography to show family and friends.
Recommended for the beginner student or newbie.

Intermediate Level
This class stretches the basic fundamentals of Beginner technique, and adds new and more complex movement.  The classes run in a 4 week session and will include a choreography.  We will introduce and use props with your dance technique, discuss musicality, and further expand on the knowledge bellydance culture. 
Note: Must have instructor permission to join this class.

Advanced Level
This class stretches the basic fundamentals of Beginner and Intermediate technique, and adds new and more complex movement. The classes run in a 4 week session and will include a choreography. We will expand the use of props with your dance technique, musicality, and knowledge bellydance history and culture.
Note: Must have instructor permission to join this class.

All Levels Drills
This class takes all levels and drill common moves being taught at each level, or moves that you are interested in working on.  Technique is broken down a little more and time is taken to examine correct movement.  Will oftentimes combine with a short choreography that you can put in your dance toolbox.  Great class for when you want to tune up your technique!

Datura Style (Tribal Fusion)

What is Datura Style? Datura Style is an umbrella term that encompasses both a technique method and a dance vocabulary that can be used for both choreography and improvisation.

The aesthetic presentation for Datura’s vocabulary is inspired by: 
1. Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour’s belly dance technique in the video Suhaila Dances for the Sultan.

2. Masha Archer’s approach to “moving sculptural composition,” 

3. Carolena Nericcio’s polished and organized placement of the body and presentation of improvisational vocabulary for groups,

4. Jill Parker’s posture and serpentine technique, 

5. John Compton’s humor, 

6. Mardi Love’s dedication to quality materials.

Datura Style has emerged from Rachel Brice’s work studying, analyzing, integrating, combining, and distilling these influences in pursuit of a unique expression and stylization in the dance world. 

The approach to conditioning for this style is inspired by:
1. The preparation for African-Hatian dance by Kathrine Dunham, called Dunham Technique,

2. Viniyoga’s approach to sequencing and biomechanics (the peanut butter), paired with 

3. Stott Pilates’

5 Basic Principles of awareness for biomechanics (the jelly) of movement

4. Horton Technique’s approach to dance training using “studies” as technique choreographies, and

5. The Jazz approach to a naming convention for dance.

Classes include brief warm up and finishing practices, and usually include both technique and vocabulary topics.
©Rachel Brice 2016

All levels invited!

Class dates to note


Lotus Belly Dance

class schedule 2021

Class descriptions

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that allows your movements to be seen.  Hip scarf is optional, but wearing one allows you to see and hear your moves. Students typically dance barefoot, with socks, or flat dance shoes with a smooth/suede bottom. 

Class Make-up policy:

We make it a priority to notify all students either on this site, our Instagram, FaceBook or Twitter pages of class cancellations. We offer a variety of options to make up for classes, and this will be at the discretion of the studio.  If an entire week of classes are canceled, we will shift expiration dates of the class cards.  Class cards are non-refundable.



cHARLOTTE dance ALLIANCE (1898 windsor square dr, matthews nc) 

Please note schedule changes here and check for updates

October 25 - 30: No Classes entire week
November 25-27: No Thursday or Saturday Classes (holiday)
December 20-31: No Classes (winter break)

January 5-8: No Classes (Instructor Workshops)

 Fall Class Schedule 2021

Registration instructions are below.

All of our classes have an online option that you can join as well!

New Location!  We will now host one class at Charlotte Dance Alliance in Matthews, NC.  See below for locations marked with CDA.

You can always visit our YouTube Page for additional FREE technique at Lotus Belly Dance NC!

Register for classes by doing one of the following:

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  • Call and RSVP at 980-428-6396

​1:30pm - 2pm FREE! All Levels Drills Class - Online Only

7:30pm - 8:30pm Intermediate Technique Class

8pm- 9pm Beginner Level Choreography Class 

Thursday (at Charlotte Dance Alliance)
7pm-8pm Beginner Level Choreography Class 


10am - 11am Advanced Level Choreography Class

11:15am - 12:15pm Datura Style (Fusion Belly Dance) Class