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Upcoming events

Mark your calendars!  Below are ongoing and upcoming events with Lotus Bellydance and Spirit of the Lotus.  We'd love to see you there!

​Thanks to all who have attended our events this 2016!  We look forward to an amazing 2017 with more performances.  We hope to see you there!

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We Will RAQ You VII

Iona & Amani Lotus are honored to be performing again in this year's WWRY!  Learn more about it at the link below and we'll see you there!


2nd Class FREE - Bellydance! - (starting May 8)
We've made some changes to our Free Intro to Bellydance schedule.  Now you can attend at your availability!  If you are not a current student at our studio you are allowed to attend your second class with us free.  Your first class is the drop in rate.  All drop in classes are $20.  You're welcome to visit our Beginner class (Saturdays at 11:15am) or our Bellydance Drills Class (Tuesdays at 7:30pm).  All classes last 1 hour.  Recommended to wear yoga pants and a shirt that allows you to see your moves such as a tank top.  All hip scarves are welcome!  You can wear a flat dance shoe (dance or lyrical) or barefoot.  Please RSVP at 980-428-6396 or email us at info@lotus-studios.com . Thanks, and we'll see you in class!

Datura 101 Workshop

Saturday September 30, 2017

10am - 1pm

Carolina Dance Capital (12210 Copper Way, Charlotte, NC)

Join Certified Datura Style Instructor Iona in a 3 hour workshop about Datura Style Tribal Fusion!  In this workshop you will learn technique and fundamentals necessary to the style, discuss and understand the differences and correlations between this and other belly dance styles, and learn Datura Styles combinations! Purchase your tickets below! Spots are limited!

What is Datura Style?

Created by Tribal Fusion founder Rachel Brice, Datura Style is an umbrella term that encompasses both a technique method and a dance vocabulary that can be used for both choreography and improvisation.
The aesthetic presentation for Datura’s vocabulary is inspired by: 
1. Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour’s belly dance technique in the video Suhaila Dances for the Sultan.
2. Masha Archer’s approach to “moving sculptural composition,” 
3. Carolena Nericcio’s polished and organized placement of the body and presentation of improvisational vocabulary for groups,
4. Jill Parker’s posture and serpentine technique, 
5. John Compton’s humor, 
6. Mardi Love’s dedication to quality materials.

Datura Style has emerged from Rachel Brice’s work studying, analyzing, integrating, combining, and distilling these influences in pursuit of a unique expression and stylization in the dance world. 

The approach to conditioning for this style is inspired by:
1. The preparation for African-Hatian dance by Kathrine Dunham, called Dunham Technique,
2. Viniyoga’s approach to sequencing and biomechanics (the peanut butter), paired with 
3. Stott Pilates’
4. Basic Principles of awareness for biomechanics (the jelly) of movement
5. Horton Technique’s approach to dance training using“studies” as technique choreographies, and
6. The Jazz approach to a naming convention for dance.

Classes include brief warm up and finishing practices, and usually include both technique and vocabulary topics.
©Rachel Brice 2016

Terms and conditions

No Refunds are available for workshops and shows unless event is cancelled.  Workshop registration is not transferrable.  Lotus Dance Studio/Lotus Belly Dance has the right of refusal to anyone causing uncomfortable or inappropriate situations as deemed by the instructor or Lotus Dance Studio/Lotus Belly Dance representatives.

Participants must sign liability waiver before participating in any Lotus Belly Dance/Lotus Dance Studio workshop.
Observers pay the same fee as registered participants.  No Discounts for late arrivals.
No video taping of any kind during the workshop.  If instructors allow video taping at the end of the workshop, participants may only video tape other participants. Those video taping must be in the venue class. Absolutely no video taping of the instructors. Any participant that is found to be violating the video taping policy will be asked to delete the clip and will be escorted out of the event for the remainder of the workshop.

Uncommon Hips

September 29, 2017

Duke Energy Theatre at Spirit Square

It's BACK!  Naima and Iona present the students of Raks Sultana and Lotus Belly Dance in their independent works show with features from other marvelous instructors in the city!  Tickets on sale soon!

Shimmy In the City!
Looking for other bellydance events in Charlotte?  We'll list some of our favorites here, but if you would like to advertise your Charlotte bellydance event just email us and we'll share!  You can also visit www.ncbellydance.net for events all over the state!