Lotus Belly Dance

Where the Spirit of Dance Blooms!

Upcoming events

Mark your calendars!  Below are ongoing and upcoming events with Lotus Bellydance and Amani Lotus.  We'd love to see you there!​​

Spirit of the Dance Recital 2020

We hate to say it, but we had to cancel recital this year.

We want to be able to present the show in the safest 

manner possible, so we're going to hold off until 2021.  Once

we get new dates we'll surely let you know. Thanks again

for your support!

2nd Class FREE - Bellydance!
We've made some changes to our Free Intro to Bellydance schedule.  Now you can attend at your availability!  If you are not a current student at our studio you are allowed to attend your second class with us free.  Your first class is the drop in rate.  All drop in classes are $20.  You're welcome to drop in any of our Beginner classes or Datura Style classes (see the schedule page for details).  Recommended to wear yoga pants and a shirt that allows you to see your moves such as a tank top.  All hip scarves are welcome!  You can wear a flat dance shoe (dance or lyrical) or barefoot.  Please RSVP at 980-428-6396 or email us at info@lotus-studios.com . Thanks, and we'll see you in class!

Shimmy In the City!
Looking for other bellydance events in Charlotte?  We'll list some of our favorites here, but if you would like to advertise your Charlotte bellydance event just email us and we'll share!